5 Day Black and White Photo Challenge

Recently, this has been the circulating trend in Facebook. What I like about it is that it brings back the beauty of taking pictures in its simplest way. With taking pictures in b&w, it lessens the shooter’s distraction on different hues and helps to focus more on composition. And the result is, the picture gives you that nostalgic and solemn vibe…

The Rule: 

“Nominate a friend to post 1 black and white photo each day for 5 days and nominate a photographer each day to do the same.”

I got nominated by a friend and so I did it teehee! Btw, photography is a hobby and I still consider myself a rookie in this field. Still in the process of learning the craft and hopefully improves 🙂 So here’s the pictures I’ve posted and a short story of why i took them:

1st Day:

Extended Family

This is Chii-Chii, a female “pusa-kal” and our family’s feline buddy. She was just a few months old when we got her for the reason of catching a couple of rodents we previously had, and if I may say, she was really good at hunting them ALL hihihi! My mom was against in getting any pets at first but eventually she started liking her. She’s been with us for 9 years, that’s 52 years cat age in human years. She was a survivor of Typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana), the sole cat survivor in our block.

2nd Day:


This is the historical Paoay Church of Ilocos Norte. I got the privilege to see it in person on my first ever 3-day-travel experience on my first year in my first job (whew! that’s a lot of first! hihihi!)

3rd Day:

A Walk to Forever

I’ve posted it as my way to encourage my Uncle (the man on the pic) and his family, to never lose faith and hope in his fight with cancer. To never cease believing that he will have more moments like this with his lovely wife… until forever.

4th Day:


2012 had been a not-so-good year so we decided to make 2013 a better one by starting the year with an awesome 4-days vacation in Coron. This was taken in Busuanga airport while we were waiting for our flight back to Manila. That’s Mama and Ate on the pix.

5th Day:


Last year a friend got married and they requested me to become their wedding planner >_< (even though i don’t have any experience in wedding planning). They have decided to just have a simple wedding but we were able to convince them to at least have a Prenup Shoot. It was also my first time shooting prenup photos. 😀

Peace out!!😉



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