Old Skul Music

As you may all know, our country, the Philippines, just like last year, is hit (or should I say getting hit) again by the strongest typhoon in the world (this year) since this Saturday – Super Typhoon Hagupit. And Hagupit seems taking its time exploring our country (pun intended) with its super slow movement Northwest. And now Metro Manila, the capital city is bracing for its arrival few hours from now. Slowly, rain started pouring this cold morning, making it hard for me to leave the comfort of my warm bed. But the will of my hungry stomach is stronger than my sleepy head.

Since today is a “bed-weather.” it is once again one of those unproductive days of mine where in i just want to sip a cup of hot choco, curl up in bed, choose a slower-tempo-type of music and just get lost in the soothing sound. So what’s my chosen playlist for today?… Tada!!!!

old skul playlist
(Left to Right) John Denver, Bee Gees, Peter-Paul-and-Mary, Dolly Parton, Simon & Garfunkel, Patti Page, Don McLean, Beatles, James Taylor

So what’s amazing about it? Uhhm… I’m not sure either hehehe! But a lot of people I know find it really weird that i listen to music from the 60s-70s era. I was born in ’85 so the 80s era were fine with them but they were quite surprised when they discover that I knew a lot of “older” songs. I can still remember the surprise look on my father’s face a few months ago when he heard me singing along to Patti Page’s songs that he was listening to. And was followed by a few funny questions like: “How do you know all these songs?” “Do you know how old these songs are?” I am also not sure when did I start having interest in these types of music. But my father told me once that when I was still a toddler, they would play their Simon and Garfunkel’s cassette tapes as my lullaby. When i got a little older (maybe around 6 yrs old), most of the time, if not, every time i got bored playing or can’t find anything to do, I always pass the time by listening to Dolly Parton, Tina Turner, Chicago, Bee Gees, Beatles, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Carpenter’s music. Since my father loves country music, I grew up listening also to the music of Don McLean, James Taylor, John Denver, Peter-Paul-and-Mary and of course Simon and Garfunkel.

At present, I am more into pop music but i still listen to the “old school.” It may not be as often as before but it still gives me that same relaxing feeling every time i hear them. Maybe because it always brings me back to my childhood. Those days, when life though hard and simple, and yet happiness came from the smallest of things, and as for me… it’s  through music. 😉

Peace out!!😉


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