Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2014 invades London

Finally, it’s December! It’s that time of the year again when the pink carpet is laid, leading to the runway. Where we witness the explosion of winks, flying kisses and of course… wings, for the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show which was held this time in London.

Victoria’s Secret Models in London

Actually, in the past, I thought it was just one of those cheap fashion shows that’s only for men who loves to see women in their.. uhm.. undies. Didn’t understand before what the fuss is all about until a close lady friend urged me to watch it with her. As you can see, I too got hooked. 😛 Realized it wasn’t as bad as i thought it would be. It was in fact very different in so many ways. No boring-poker-faced-marching-like-zombies-women. It was really fun to watch and looks classy (in spite of it being an underwear fashion show).

So just like previous years, we’ve waited to finally see the line-up of VS Angels, models and artists who will grace the “enchanting” stage. At last, to have answers to our questions of “who” and “what.” What will the stage look like this year? Whose stars or VS Angels’ boyfriend/ex-boyfriend/hubby/ex-hubby will be in the audience? Who will be wearing The Bra… the Fantasy Bra this year?

Though there are few VS Angels who were not present, we still have many of our regular faves on stage with the likes of Behati, Karlie, Alessandra, Adriana, Candice, Lindsay, Elsa, Doutzen, Lais, Stella, Lily, Izabel, Martha, Jasmine.

What will the stage look like this year?

Not like any of the previous year, they have removed the glitter-filled catwalk and replaced it with a big led runway, connected to the led screen as the backdrop. I must say, this is their best stage that I’ve seen so far. I superrrrr love it!!! ♥ It was exploding with colors and effects that complimented every theme and made the event more breathtaking than it already was.

VS Stage
Few of the Stage Effects

The show started with Behati with the Gilded Angels theme that’s mostly compose of gold wings.


The show has just started and i already found my fave design of the whole night.

Devon Windsor with her Gilded Angel outfit

Came next was the Dream Girl theme that’s kind of vintage to me.


Taylor Swift was the first performer of the night and warmed the show with her top Billboard hit “Blank Space”. I so love her performance. She was rockin’ that stage just like last year. She fits the VS Stage so much that if you’re not familiar with her, you might mistake her as one of the VS Angels. You can also tell that she is good friends with most of the girls. 😉

Taylor Swift Singing “Blank Space”

Then, there was the Exotic Traveler theme that was adorned with jewels and mirrors.


Ed Sheeran came next with his beautiful Fender guitar and sang “Thinking Out Loud”. Been dreaming of having one of those. I was closely watching if he was taking “secret” glimpse of the model’s butts hahaha! (He was a good boy hihihi!) 😉

Ed Sheeran Singing “Thinking Out Loud”

Who will be wearing The Bra… the Fantasy Bra this year?

Adriana and Alessandra surprised everyone when they came out, both wearing the Fantasy Bra! I think it was a first that two Fantasy Bra were made and worn in one show.

Adriana and Alessandra both Wearing the Fantasy Bra

You just can’t get enough of these two and how the blue color compliments the red one.

Adriana and Alessandra both Wearing the Fantasy Bra
Adriana and Alessandra both Wearing the Fantasy Bra

Whose stars or VS Angels’ boyfriend/ex-boyfriend/hubby/ex-hubby will be in the audience?

Orlando Bloom is no longer seen in the audience since his divorce with Miranda Kerr in 2013. 😦 (where’s Miranda Kerr anyway?!?!) Adam Levine’s also a no show for his wife, Behati. We’ve seen Ellie Goulding enjoying her time and with all smiles. Seating just beside her was Liam Payne together with his girlfriend. It looks to me like he doesn’t seem to be enjoying the show (or maybe he’s too overwhelmed with all those long-legged women strutting their stuff on stage). 😛

The University of Pink theme which was inspired by graffiti prints started with Ariana Grande singing “Love Me Harder.”


Her performance, to me, was the highlight of all the performances of that night.

Ariana Grande Rocking the Stage

I love the stage, i love the effects, I love the performance! It was bursting with colors that matches her personality and songs. Some of the effects remind me of the game screen of Guitar Hero and Tap Tap Revenge hehehe! 😛

VS Stage
Rainbow Stage Effect

She also sang “Bang Bang,” followed by “Break Free” and finally, “Problem.” You won’t see on the actual show how she got whacked by one of the VS Angel’s wings (which was captured by the media btw and got viral the day after) since it happened on stage rehearsals a few hours before the program proper. Oh well! Here’s that captured moment:

Ariana Grande got Smacked by an Angel’s Wings

Then came the Fairy Tale theme (uhm.. just think of Tinkerbell if you still need a description for this) 🙂


 Hozier serenaded the audience with “Take Me to Church.”

Hozier Singing “Take Me to Church”

For the Angel Ball theme it was more of blacks and laces, black and lace.. and more black and lace.


For the finale, Taylor Swift ended it with “Style”.. literally.. with… style. Loved the stage! (Did i just said that again? wahahah!!) 😛

Taylor Swift Singing “Style”

Yay! Can’t wait for next year’s show!! 🙂 😀

Final Walk with all the Models

Peace out!!😉


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