What “Living Life to the Fullest” Mean to the Young “Me”

Growing up, i was a sickly kid. I used to visit the pedia almost every month, sometimes every week, from my time of birth up to elementary years. It was due to the fact that I was an 8th month old baby. From the time of my birth, the doctor already told my parents that I have a weak immune system and is more prone to infections compared to kids of my age. Because of that, my parents were quite more protective and stricter with me (other than the fact that I was the youngest of two siblings.) A simple colds for me could escalate into a full blown fever. A simple fever/flu could even cause me my death if not treated immediately. That was how bad my immune system was. Growing up with a lot of limitations due to my health, I had to find “alternative” ways for me to pass the time, to play and grow up as normal as possible like any other kids of my age. And since being a fighter (and being stubborn) runs in the family, I didn’t let my situation ruined my childhood. At an early age of six, I already know what “sneaking out of the house” was like. Most of the time, I sneak out of the house every afternoon (when my parents are having their naps/siesta time) to play outside. When i finally started attending school, as i get to know and see newer environment (outside the four corners of our home and backyard), gained new friends, it also exposed me to greater risk for my health. But i didn’t want to quit school, actually, I loved going to school! It was the only place for me where I was totally free. Free to explore! Where i can freely seat on the dirty floors or stairs without my parents telling me not to. I can freely eat every food I want to eat available in the canteen and drink what I want to drink (like sodas hehehe!). Free to eat those pretty awesome candies and junk foods (that our parents warned us not to eat :P) This was the time when it wasn’t yet banned in school canteens. But the best part of it was, I was free to play and run around the school grounds, trip on the ground and get those childhood battle scars, and go home with dusts and grimes in every nooks and crannies of my little body and my white school uniform 😀 For other kids, every day were just ordinary days. For me, every day, without getting sick, was a miracle. Looking back, I’m glad i did all that. In spite of my fear of getting sick every time (and fear from my parent’s scolding) I had no regrets. I’m glad I snuck out of the house once in a while so that I can play outside, run like crazy under the rain and mud (and flood waters) 😛 play as many games as possible, and be just that normal kid. Because of all that, I was able to have that “normal” and fun childhood that i dreamt of :).

As little as 4 years old, I already had a better understanding of the real value of life, the real meaning of joy in its truest from, the true contentment in having and doing simple things… and what to write in what adults call as Bucket List.


As i entered my high school (teen) life, then came college life, my health got a little better. I still get sick a lot of times but not as drastically easy as before. I was able to learn to play a few sports, learned to play a musical instrument and get deeper into my love of dancing. Then came next, landing my first job. And now that I’m nearing the age of thirty, as they say the peak of someone’s life, I’m grateful that I’m still alive and kickin’ 🙂 (in spite of still getting sick often and having few allergies on the side) …and continuously adding and crossing out a lot on my bucket list.

When friends asks me why I wander and travel a lot, I still can’t find the simplest words to explain it to them. I want to tell them that it is one of my ways of surviving and fighting to live a normal life but I’m not even sure if they would truly understand. The moment the doctors told my parents that they will forever have to tuck in a sickly kid, my colorful and “infinite voyage to life  also started. 🙂

Peace out! 😉



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