Eating a Cookie… the Quirky Way

A couple of weeks ago, my Ate (honorific for eldest sister) shared to me an article about the top new specialty restaurants that’s getting popular here in Marikina. Excitement rushed in all over my body with this new discovery. Pardon my exaggeration. I really do get all giddy inside every time i read or hear of anything related to travel, food and… my crush lolz! The most exciting part was that it was just a 5-minute drive from our home. I’ve been living here in Marikina for over 20 years now and witnessed the growth of the young city and its people. But one thing never changed, its people’s love for good food (not fast foods), and their love in cooking. A few old barangays are well known for that like Calumpang, San Roque and Sta. Elena where well-known clans like the Garcias, Santoses and the alike mostly resides. Recently, Lilac Street has been getting the attention of foodies everywhere. It’s like a food haven for people like me. It’s only around 2 kms long but it’s lined-up with food kiosks, restos and specialty stores. I do have a list of restos i would like to try here in Marikina (i’ll share the list soon) but it’s getting longer and longer and i still have a long way to go before I can visit them all. For now let me share one of them :).

I’ve learned about it first in a TV program featuring unique foods in the metro. Cookie Mug shows us a fresh twist in eating one of our fave desserts, cookies. In the “old days” we used to dunk our cookies in a glass of hot milk, hot choco or coffee. But with Cookie Mug, you drink from it then eat it afterwards. Sound’s eco-friendly right? Hahaha!  Here’s what it looks like:

Medium Size Cookie Shot w/ Mocha (Php118)

They named it as Cookie Shots and comes in 3 different serving sizes (small, medium and large). You can order it as plain cookie shots or with a glass of fresh milk, chocolate, caramel or mocha.

Cookie Shot 

  • Small – 48.00
  • Medium- 78.00
  • Large- 108.00

Cookie Shot w/ Fresh Milk

  • Small – 68.00
  • Medium- 108.00
  • Large- 138.00

Cookie Shot w/ Chocolate/Caramel/Mocha

  • Small – 78.00
  • Medium- 118.00
  • Large- 148.00

They also do have cookie shots with rim designs that you can give as gifts or giveaways in different occasions other than giving the old-fashioned brownies and cupcakes. I’m just not sure whether they can customize a design for you. Wasn’t able to take a pix of one with different designs 😦

They also serve other desserts like cakes, big muffins, cupcakes, brownies. They even have pastas and other snacks. We also tried their non-dessert snacks just to counteract the sweetness of the cookie shot (to make our self full and prevent “umay”) I ordered their unique looking Spaghetti Roll and also tried their Hamdog Roll (good for one pax each).

Spaghetti Roll (Php88)

Who would have thought you can eat spaghetti in a roll? It’s a rolled pita bread stuffed with your regular spaghetti. The Hamdog is, you’ve guessed it, a piece of ham and hotdog rolled also in pita bread. Both were topped with a little herbs and cheese.

Hamdog Roll (Php88)

The place itself was quite small, yet it still has that cozy feel to it. A cool place to hangout and enjoy quality conversation with friends or maybe a simple date with your special someone ♥. ayhiii!! 😛

Dessert Counter
Payment Counter
Cute Interior

They also have a patio i guess dedicated for smokers. Not sure thought if they have different desserts menus everyday or serve the same kind every time. With the sweet tooth monster that I am, I would definitely come back to try their other snacks and mouth-watering desserts.


With the cookie shot itself, the taste doesn’t have that wow factor. It tastes just like any ordinary cookie to me. But i fell in love with their mocha (chocolate latte). It was really good. In my opinion, it tastes like the mocha drinks they serve from those high end cafes we all go to. It was THAT good!

Almost Done with my Mocha Shot

Thanks for the sweet treat sis! 😀

Me (left with the nerd glasses) and my Ate (right)

For those who wants to check it out themselves, they are located at:

116 Lilac Street, Marikina City, Philippines

Contact No.: (02) 381-01-20

Here’s the map to their place.

**I’ll post soon the complete list of their menu :).

Peace out!

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