A Couple Shower Party

Forgive me for my long absence. I’m here again to at least make up for it by sharing another… random post. XD

As always, I’ve been busy being not too busy. 😛 But recently, there was an event we had to organize that took most of my attention and time.

One couple in one of my circles will be tying the knot this September. Three girls in our inner circle are part of their entourage, one is a maid of honor and another two (that includes me), the bridesmaids. With respect to old tradition, one duty of the maid of honor is to organize a bridal shower for the bride, so we set-up one for them. And since both of them are close to us, we decided to set it instead as a “Couple Shower“.

Few times I’ve been part of a wedding entourage. There was also one instance that I served as a wedding planner for a friend’s big event. But this was a first for me to arrange/co-organize a shower party. Didn’t mind the stress since it’s for special people. Special, since let’s just say we were the ones who led their meet up and helped (a little) their love sprout into what it is now. 😎 No worries, i’ll spare you the mushy details. 😉

Arranging a Couple Shower is quite knotty than it is with a bridal shower since you have to consider both party’s cup of tea. It’s even more difficult coz we wanted it as a surprise for the couple. And with the help of our little white lie, we were able to get details from them (fave flower, color etc..) 😛 while avoiding giving out any hints that we are planning something for them. (We told the groom that it will be a surprise bridal shower, while the bride thinks that it will be a surprise birthday party for him since his birthday was a week after the shower party). I almost spoiled the surprise, where there was this one time i accidentally mentioned the planned event on one of our private message threads… with the bride-to-be in it 😳 (oh-em-gee!). 😯

Part of the surprise was to create a compilation of video messages from the couple’s closest friends/family which eventually turned out to be just us within our circle since time didn’t allowed us to meet up with their other friends to film them. Aside from providing the venue (my place), ideas for the games and additional home-cooked snack (along with the ordered fast food we already have) I wanted to do something special for them. I didn’t have that much to offer any extravagant gift since am still currently unemployed (by choice) and doesn’t have that much money in my pocket, 😎 but, I had TIME. With a lot of time in my hands I made a bouquet for the bride, bow-tie and boutonniere for the groom, all made from Origami! 😀 [I’ll share another post for this later] 😉 I had fun making them. 🙂

And so the party began! 🍸 🍸 🍸 Woot! Woot!

the first event of the day
happy birthday Gab

We did have a surprise birthday party for the groom and the shower party for them simultaneously 😀 (hence, the blue curtain; to hide the banner for the main event).

the main event
the soon to be mr. & mrs.

Here’s a few of the many captured moments of our mini party:

♫ watch me whip, watch me nae ♪ [penalty for the losing team on the pinoy henyo game]
penalty: butt spell your partner’s name!
♪ nae nae ♫
me as the game master
the paparazzi
fun! fun! fun!
who is “________”? [red for the bride, green for the groom]

And to the soon-to-be Mr and Mrs. de Castro, cheers to a blessed marriage! yay! 😀 ❤

sparkling grape juice toast

Here’s our surprise wedding-themed cupcakes for them:

bride’s cupcake by F.E.S Pastry Co
groom’s cupcake by F.E.S Pastry Co

I also made my very first kimbap (seaweed rice rolls) to add to our food. (Not bad for a first timer!) 😉 😉

my very own korean seaweed rice rolls

Though there were few setbacks with the preparations, everything all turned out fine in the end. We all enjoyed the food, games and most specially each others’ company (as always)! ❤

wish you were here Barzi and MonMon

Here’s the vid of our bloopers creating the video greetings edited by Kat:

Peace out!



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