My Little Paper Art Project

Previously, I mentioned to you about my special project for a party here. The truth behind it, is that, in my dream wedding, I wanted to have an Origami flower bouquet instead of real flowers. I wanted something unique and personalized for my own big day. But since I am not yet sure when will it happen, I didn’t mind incorporating that personal dream to a friend’s shower party. It’s a special day of special people to me anyway. As promised, let me share how that little art project all turned out.

(Note: Photos taken with a mobile phone only. My apology for the low resolution) 🙂

my origami

Here’s how the bouquet turned out:

origami of lily/stargazers and tulips

It’s an origami of Lilies/Stargazers and Tulips, the bride’s fave flowers. Glued them to barbecue sticks which serves as its support and stem. [A little trivia: This was my first time meeting someone who’s fave flower is same as mine – Stargazers. I thought I was the only one who loves those blooms.]

Here’s the boutonniere for the groom:

origami of kusudama flowers

The disk/center of the flower is made from another type of paper art called quilling. Paper quilling is an art form that creates intricate shapes and decorative design from strips of paper that are rolled, shaped, and glued together.

And lastly, the bow-tie which I made from Origami tessellation:

bow-tie from origami tessellation

Tesse… what?!?!

Origami tessellations uses only mountain and valley folds to produce visually stunning geometric displays; all made of paper!

A lot of paper art don’t you think? It was relaxing and fun to make. Seems like I’ll be adding up something new in my list of hobbies. 🙂 ❤

Peace out!



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