Like or Love?

What’s the difference of LIKING something and LOVING something? That’s where my long pause started in creating my list. It’s like there’s only a thin line that separates them….

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So while I’m still figuring out the difference of the two, here’s my set of list of stuff i like err… love err… like… (geez!)

  1. Color green (obviously!)
  2. Reading a good book (that takes you to a different world)
  3. Adventure-filled travels
  4. Exploring new places
  5. Trying out new food (especially “sea-foods” – everything I “see” i eat. har! har! [as long as it’s edible]) 😀
  6. Hip hop/street dance (i haven’t dance for a long time now though)
  7. My father’s cooking
  8. My mother’s macaroni salad (the only macaroni salad I eat in this world!)
  9. The smell of:
    • a brand new book
    • freshly cut grass
    • newly washed clothes (fresh from the drier)
  10. Furry and cute animals:
    • Pandas (it would be awesome to hug a real one)
    • Koalas
    • Dog (i have one named Uno)
    • Cat (mine’s name is ChiiChii, had her for 9 yrs now)
    • Polar Bear (haven’t seen one in real life)
    • Otter (haven’t seen a real one as well)
    • Quokka (i would love to take a selfie with this smiley cuties)
    • Penguins
    • Totoro?? (lolz!) (just Google it)
  11. Sunrise and sunsets (because they are different every time. Plus it’s like God’s way of saying that today’s sunrise and later’s sunset is another chance to start fresh) ❤
  12. A sip of warm matcha tea every morning
  13. Munching on dark chocolates (and anything sweet) when i’m feeling down
  14. Eating ice cream
  15. Staring long at the moon when it’s full
  16. Stargazing on moonless nights
  17. Curling inside my blanket on a warm bed on rainy mornings
  18. Rain and just the cold weather (coz we only have two seasons here)
  19. Beach, sun and sands in summer
  20. Laughing out loud until my cheeks and tummy hurts
  21. Long hot bath after a tiring day
  22. Hearing the crackling sound of burning leaves and wood
  23. Deep and meaningful face to face conversation with someone
  24. Watching this type of films
    • soldier-themed
    • action/sci-fi
    • animated films
    • documentaries
  25. Watching this on TV or on the internet:
  26. I like to stop listing down now.  😛

In addition to this list, I already have created, in the past, a wishlist or for some calls it a bucket list. Feel free to check it out here. 😉

Peace out!



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