My Happy (Writing) Place

I love reading in different places, even in hangouts with lots of people and distraction. I don’t get easily distracted once my imagination starts entering the world created by the book I currently hold. But when I write, that’s a different story.

Not sure how to answer this in paragraph. So please allow me to just simply answer all the questions in bullet form. 🙂

Where do you write?

  • I do it mostly at home.
    • In my bedroom, when everyone’s still busy doing their everyday stuff in the lounge.
    • In our lounge room, when I’m the only one awake.

Do you prefer blogging on your laptop in a coffee shop?

  • No. I easily get distracted with noise when I write.

Are you productive in a quiet room, door closed, away from civilization?

  • Yes, very much. Since i’m still quite new to this writing/blogging, I need a quiet place so I can concentrate in constructing every sentence carefully.

Describe the space where you write. Or, if you don’t have a dedicated place, what is your ideal setting?

  • In a dark room lit only by the light from the computer’s screen. It helps me to focus and not get side-tracked with the topic. My computer is just right beside the window, with the nightly breeze freely flows.

What are your writing habits?

  • I write after a good meal. I get lazy and grouchy when I’m hungry 😛
  • A sip of hot matcha tea aids my neurons to be more active 😀

What equipment or supplies do you use to write?

  • When available, I borrow my sister’s laptop so I can just lock myself up inside my room, lie down comfortable on my bed, with the laptop over my tummy. Not sure if it’s just the weird side of me but there’s just something about the typing sound of laptop keyboards that mesmerizes me. 😛 Hearing it helps my creative writing juices flowing.
  • I use my desktop PC in our lounge area when everyone at home is inside their own rooms and already asleep. I don’t usually write on a notebook since my hands can’t keep up with my train of thoughts.

What do you need and want in a physical space?

  • It should be somewhere I can sit or lie down comfortably.

Now that we’re done with the Q&A, complete the poll and let’s see what topic you would want to see here. 😉

Peace out!



14 thoughts on “My Happy (Writing) Place

  1. Your writing habits are quite similar to mine in the sense where you need solitude to write and find it difficult to write in noisy surroundings. 🙂

    Also took the poll – can’t wait to read about places you’ve travelled. 🙂


  2. I thought I was the only one who liked writing while lying down. It is a pleasant surprise to see someone who does the same. 😉 I like your post and you actually reminded me I was supposed to put a poll on the end. Thanks for the reminder. If I hadn’t read your article, I wouldn’t have been any wiser. You are so thorough, detailed and to the point. This is an awesome piece. I can understand why you say you like to say you like to carefully construct each sentence. 😉

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