Blame It to the Genes

The wedding i’ll be attending is up this coming Saturday (I’m one of the bridesmaids). I’ve been busy practicing walking on heels. Don’t want to make a scene by stumbling and twisting my ankle walking down the aisle, with everyone looking at me! Who want’s to be a mess on big events, right?

I’m your sneakers-type-of-girl since I love moving around. But heels is a must for me specially when I have to wear a dress. I’m the petite type. How petite? I’m 5’1″ in height. The average height for a Filipina is 5’3″. I didn’t even reach the mean height!

Blame it on my genes!!



28 thoughts on “Blame It to the Genes

  1. I love the picture! Hope that won’t be you in the wedding though 🙂 I can’t do heels for any prolonged period of time either. Sneakers are so much more practical!

  2. I have tried walking after wearing heals of my mom and aunts 😀 LOL

    It’s sooo difficult!

    I always wonder how ladies do it!

    Love and light ❤

    Anand 🙂

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