Free Time

What I usually do on my free time?


Checking my news feed for news and what’s happening outside of my neck of the woods. I don’t usually click on specific friend’s timeline (since that’s what most stalkers do 😛 hahaha!), i don’t unless needed of course. Whatever appears on my own news feed then that’s what I read.


Korean variety shows. Running Man, Infinite Challenge, We Got Married, 3 Meals a Day, that’s usually the variety shows I look forward to watching every week. I was hooked on Korean TV series before but when I discovered that variety shows are way more fun to watch, I never looked back.

I also love watching cooking shows on Facebook and Youtube. I am currently in love with Japanese baking shows. Seeing how they make those colorful, cute and tiny desserts, it’s like a painting. The only difference is that food is their canvass. Kawaii!


It can be books, news online, fun facts, blogs and all sorts.

When it comes to books, I still love to do it the old-school way, a physical book (not an e-book, not on Kindle, not on phone). I still love flipping pages and pages and smelling the scent of it’s leaves (weird huh!).

When I want to know what’s happening in different parts of the world or even what’s happening locally, I read the news online. I hate watching it on TV! There’s just a lot of anchors/reporters that gets in my nerves. Those exaggerated ones and those who can’t stop throwing their own “opinions” though it’s unnecessary, and in the end making the news unreliable.

Blog-hopping and “getting lost” in the blogosphere is one of the most fun stuff for me. Reading different interest of different people, their personal inner thoughts, it’s comforting to know that at least one or few people on Earth has the same kind of struggle/s as you do.

And did i mention, I’m out of work? Oh well…

Disclaimer: I wrote this haphazardly so I’m not sure if I make any sense here. My body clock’s a BIG mess right now.


I am awake when I should be sleeping. I am sleeping when I should be awake. *Sigh* I’ll say goodbye for now to try and catch some ZzzZZzzs.

 Peace out!



13 thoughts on “Free Time

  1. I, too, like the feel and smell of a real book. Do people really read on their little bitty phones? I have to put on my reading glasses just to text, I can’t imagine having to read a whole book on that little thing.

    Go get some rest!

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