LDR is Not for Me

LDR? For some of my friends who’s on the same field (CoE peepz) may think it stands for Light-Dependent Resistors so let me clarify what exactly i’m talking about here. I am referring to Long-Distance Relationship.

Let’s just say at one point in my life I met a guy who captured my “stone-cold heart” 😛

A lot of people keeps wondering why I let go of that precious someone. At times, I still ask myself why. Then, I’m reminded of the bucket of tears we had and will shed if we both have stayed in the relationship. Don’t get me wrong. I had met the most wonderful man a woman could ever have. I’m not even sure If I’ll ever met someone who is as “perfect” as him again. We both did what we can, to the very best of our ability, to make the relationship work, despite the distance and the difference in time zones.

Why it didn’t work?

Unfortunately, the two of us share the same type of love language – quality time. Love language is how one individual experience and expresses love. You might be thinking why is it hard since we have Skype, Viber, Facebook and other free apps out there at our disposal. Isn’t that the main purpose of all this technology? Yes there will be TIME for each other but the QUALITY is not the same. Spending time in person, face-to-face conversation is what makes a well-spent quality time.


I do commend those couples who are able to make LDR work for them. But as they say, to each his own.

We still see each other when he’s here in PH. not as a couple, but as friends. Remaining as friends was a mutual decision. We were good friends since high school before becoming a “couple” anyway. And yes, we still have special feeling for each other. It doesn’t dwindle that easily. For now, we just go with the flow and content of what we currently have.

Maybe one day we’ll still end up with each other. Or may be not. No one knows…

Peace out!



4 thoughts on “LDR is Not for Me

  1. LDR is not for the faint-hearted, they say. Sometimes I’ve thought about giving up on my LDR because I suck at it, but then I keep being pulled to it. Good luck to us! 🙂

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