A New Chapter, A New Journey

When I signed up for Writing101, I had mixed emotions. I had a fear of what to expect, worried yet at the same time I was excited.

Fear, because I am a newbie in blogging. I didn’t even know exactly what to write. Worried, that people who will read my post would mock it, bash me and be unforgiving of my lack of writing skills. Excited, because I’ll get to experience a new challenge. And to my surprise, everyone here was welcoming, encouraging and supportive of this new found hobby, to the point that it was overwhelming.happy

Since starting my blog in 2012, this is the first time I get to decently write and blog about almost anything (and with the help of the daily prompts of course). At times, it was challenging, but a lot of times it was fun! Gradually, I learned how to clearly express my inner thoughts in writing err.. typing? 😀 What I like most about it is I met and gained new blog/virtual friends who guided and inspired me to pursue and hone my skill in this craft.friendship

Now that the month-long course has reached its end, I am again struck by mixed emotions. Excited, because as this course ends, one of this days, I know, another course will open its doors, where I can join and meet new “classmates” again. Worried, or rather sad, since I might not get to bump into again (virtually speaking) the friends I have met in Writing101. But hey, it’s not like the end IS THE END right? It’s actually a start of a new chapter, a new journey for all of us, especially to those who are just starting to get to like writing, like me. You never know, we might “see” each other again into one of the Blogging U’s course/s! winkk

It has been a tremendously incredible experience!

To all the people I’ve met here in Writing101, a BIG THANKS to all of you! I won’t have enjoyed and discovered how delightful the blogging world is without you guys assisting me and backing me up with your constructive criticisms and heartfelt comments. ^^’

This is the first course I have registered to in Blogging U (and won’t be the last). But this one will definitely be one of the most memorable. Who forgets their first experiences, right?

See you guys around in the blogosphere!


Peace out!



16 thoughts on “A New Chapter, A New Journey

  1. Worried, or rather sad, since I might not get to bump into again (virtually speaking) the friends I have met in Writing101.

    The beauty of the internet? Of blogging? These people will be “here,” on the other side of your screen, no matter where your lives and blogging activities take you all. I suspect that even if you don’t see them in another course soon, you’ll still see their gravatars and usernames around.

    Thanks for joining us this month — glad you had a fun experience.

    • that’s my heart getting sentimental hahahah! thanks as well for the challenging yet fun daily prompts. it was a great help! lookin’ forward to another course. 🙂

  2. Well said! Excellent clips, I love the Bubba! I can highly recommend Blogging 101. It was my first course and loved it! This was my second and hope to do more too! See you around I hope. Happy blogging!

  3. Aww such a cute post and you are a sweet friend 🙂

    I love all the gifs you have used!

    May I know how you got your name “tummy-fee?”

    Love and light ❤

    Anand 🙂

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