Maybe One Day, In Japan

I have always dreamt of coming to Japan. It’s one of the places i listed down in my bucket list that I wanted to travel to.

Japan on mapMaybe one day, in the first week of April, at the peak of the cherry blossoms, I’ll experience the Hanami festival.


Seat under a Sakura tree and have a romantic picnic with someone special while eating a sakura-flavored ice cream or maybe a takoyaki!


Go to the popular street of Tokyo and just experience crossing the famous Shibuya crossing.


Take pictures in this multiple temple arc (Senbon Torii) which I have first seen in one of my fave movie, Memoirs of a Geisha.

12/22/11 1:38:07 AM -- Kuba's visit - second day in Kyoto, Japan. © Dominika Photographer

When autumn comes, I would stay in a traditional Japanese house, wear a kimono and experience the traditional tea ceremony. I love matcha!


Or may be hang out in a park while just staring at falling autumn leaves. Then tour around Odaiba and see the monstrous size Gundam, one of my fave mecha-themed anime.


Then when winter comes, I’ll try the Japanese onsen.


Maybe learn skiing or build my own Olaf snowman and just play in the powdery snow of Hokkaido.


Then come back in different seasons, ride the Shinkansen and do “temple runs” in winter, spring, summer and autumn!

explorejapan_jp wallpaper.pickywallpapers_com sensiseeds_com

Oh! Can’t wait for that day to come!

Peace out!



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