An Email to Remember

Yay! Finally, it happened! I finally found the courage to do it. I have sent the email. Yes, I have sent a letter of intent and my CV to one of the I.T companies out here! The email that hopefully will end my 3 years of hiatus in the corporate world.

It’s ridiculously funny that clicking the send button could make me feel these excited and nervous all at the same time. 😀 What surprises me even is that the feeling of uncertainty I have been enduring a few months ago has now turned into great delight. I am not even sure why. I just feel different this time.

Smiling-Cat copy

When you feel peace inside your heart, God says Go.

This has always been my little guiding light every time I have to decide on something big in my life. So far, it hasn’t failed me yet. And now, I felt that peace inside me.

Nothing’s still sure. Only God knows if I’ll land the job or not or If I’ll even get a call for an interview. But right now, I’m just grateful that I have finally overcome the doubt and fear, and eventually, have taken that terrifying first step.

Now, let me just put my glasses on to start preparing and practicing for an impressive interview! (Let’s keep our hopes up and our fingers crossed) 😉


Peace out!


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