Love is…

Love is a smoke raised with the fume of sighs; Being purged, a fire sparkling in lovers’ eyes; Being vexed, a sea nourished with loving tears. What is it else? A madness most discreet, A choking gall, and a preserving sweet.  – William Shakespeare | Romeo and Juliet

What I Learned and Relearned from This Year’s Prayer and Fasting

January 5-9, was our bi-annual Prayer and Fasting week (next is in the month of June). With the holiday season just a few days back, it’s like we’ve ran the highway on full speed, of party and pigging out, to a full stop of food abstinence.

Glass half full

Though I’ve been doing it for almost ten years, every year is a different experience for me. This year,Read More »

The Lorax

When I saw its trailer before [i think it was last year], I thought it was just another animation. But glad that I was wrong. What made me change the way I look at it is when a friend let me read the book where it was based from with the same title. It was a children’s book authored by Dr. Seuss who also wrote Horton Hears a Who and How the Grinch Stole Christmas (or simply the Grinch). sound’s familiar neh?

Now that I finally saw it on the big screen and on 3D, i just can’t stop keep thinking about it over and over again.

Just as not to become a spoiler, i will let the trailer give you an idea of what the story is about: