My Korean Reality/Variety Show Addiction… 헐!

It’s been two years since I resigned from my previous work… two years of rest… two years of being a bum. (Sigh! That’s two years already?!) The transition from having a busy 9-hour work, to becoming a simple individual was not easy. From the four years I’ve stayed with the company trying to become a successful busy bee career woman, to having no worries of meetings and deadlines is just… wow! The change was so great that it took me a few years to really get used to it. (Well, I’ll just tell you the stories behind that and all on another post) Anyway, with those two years, I had to do some thing/s to pass the time (so as not to go literally crazy hehehe!) One of my diversions then were catching up to a lot of movies and korean tv series that I hadn’t get the chance to see when I was still working… Read More »