An Email to Remember

Yay! Finally, it happened! I finally found the courage to do it. I have sent the email. Read More »


LDR is Not for Me

LDR? For some of my friends who’s on the same field (CoE peepz) may think it stands for Light-Dependent Resistors so let me clarify what exactly i’m talking about here. I am referring to Long-Distance Relationship.

Let’s just say at one point in my life I met a guy who captured my “stone-cold heart” 😛Read More »

Blame It to the Genes

The wedding i’ll be attending is up this coming Saturday (I’m one of the bridesmaids). I’ve been busy practicing walking on heels. Don’t want to make a scene by stumbling and twisting my ankle walking down the aisle, with everyone looking at me! Who want’s to be a mess on big events, right? I’m your sneakers-type-of-girl since […]