Like or Love?

What’s the difference of LIKING something and LOVING something? That’s where my long pause started in creating my list. It’s like there’s only a thin line that separates them….Read More »


My Bucket List

In one of my entries, I have mentioned that since I was four, I already had a lot of things in mind I wanted to do “before I die.” But it was only when I saw the movie A Walk to Remember, when I was in college, that I started writing it all down and started creating my very own bucket list.Read More »

What “Living Life to the Fullest” Mean to the Young “Me”

Growing up, i was a sickly kid. I used to visit the pedia almost every month, sometimes every week, from my time of birth up to elementary years. It was due to the fact that I was an 8th month old baby. From the time of my birth, the doctor already told my parents that I have a weak immune system and is more prone to infections compared to kids of my age. Because of that, my parents were quite more protective and stricter with me (other than the fact that I was the youngest of two siblings.) A simple colds for meRead More »